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Married call girl Nancy Chan has been asked to do something outrageous - even by her standards. Most favoured customer Milt has invited Nancy to his luxurious new villa in idyllic Provence. Can a (married) Manhattan call girl really holiday with a client? Seeing him morning, noon and night, coming up with new entertainments, maintaining both a light tan and a 'professional' distance? Not to mention Milt's Viagra habit! In a difficult economic climate, a girl can't always meet her quota and Nancy wonders if she's losing her edge.

She jumps at the chance to have a break from Manhattan and her husband Matt. Desperate for an alibi, she invents a vacation with her mom in southern France. In reality, Nancy's hard at work with some new playmates - Tini (Malaysian, with something extra), Isabel (a St-Tropez madam), and Serge (Isabel's hunky chauffeur) - while Matt grows more inquisitive. As Nancy discovers, the French countryside is 'ten times trickier than Manhattan' and nothing in her temporary world is quite what it seems. When Milt's enigmatic cook Duncan turns up unexpectedly in Nancy's erotic fantasies, she begins questioning everything she knows. Will Nancy keep getting away with this?

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